Leadership Coaching

Is leadership coaching with Neon for you?

  • Do you need to create a more sustainable organisational or team culture that enables more people to perform better more of the time?
  • Do you want to develop your skills in leading people effectively and driving performance?
  • Do you want to create a more cohesive team that is greater than the sum of its parts?
  • Would you value time to think with an independent person who will act as a sounding board, challenge your thinking and help you find perspective on the organisational and market complexities you face?

What happens when you take a ‘deeply human’ approach to leadership and organisational culture?

Greater competitive edge.

Greater creativity & innovation.

Greater success.

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We provide a range of executive leadership coaching services

Individual Leadership Coaching

1-1 coaching programmes for individual leaders seeking to grow their capacity to create more human cultures and inspire high performance.

Whatever stage of leadership you are at, we will help you lead more effectively, helped by your own personalised Enneagram profile. Minimum 6 months duration.

Team Leadership Coaching

Development processes for teams in need of new direction, a more human culture and improved performance.

We will design and deliver a tailor-made series of sessions starting with a team diagnostic. Minimum 6 sessions. 

Team Enneagram profile available.

Coaching for Women in Leadership

A unique approach to developing creative, high impact women in leadership.

We will use our ‘Art of Becoming’ methodology to shape development programmes or one-off workshops or events for your emerging female leaders.

We also offer facilitation


Do you need help to navigate difficult conversations and complex dynamics?

If you want to get to the nub of an issue, surface the elephants in the room and make a breakthrough, we can help.

We see four things as fundamental to effective leadership. We call these the 'Four Cs’

Clarity of purpose

Being clear about your ‘why’ and harnessing it to maximise energy, direction and performance.


The ability to build strong, caring relationships with those you lead.


The skills to create deeply human environments where anything is possible.


Conscious awareness of the impact you have on both a personal and organisational level.

A few of the clients we have worked with

What our clients say

Leadership coaching FAQ’s

A leadership coach helps people in leadership positions develop their capacity to lead teams and organisations more effectively. They act as their sounding board, challenge their thinking and help them build their leadership skills.
Leadership has a huge impact on organisational culture. Culture can make or break an organisation’s success. Access to high quality coaching services and leadership development is critical.
Executive coaching is a high-value asset to any senior leader operating in today’s world. It is especially useful for people who are new to role, leading through change, developing a new organisational culture or tackling complex challenges.
At Neon we are expert in navigating the complexities of team dynamics, holding the mirror up to team members and helping them find a more effective way of working.

Some leaders are fire fighters.

Some leaders are fire lighters.

Which are you?

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