Life Coaching

Are you looking for career change or mid-life transition?

  • Are you at a crossroads or do you feel bored or stuck in a rut?
  • Are you looking to create a new chapter in your life or career?
  • Has a change in relationship, job, health or home prompted you to question “What next?”
  • Have you had a dream for a while but not yet found the courage to pursue it?
  • Do you know where you want to go next but need some help in getting there?

What happens when you take a ‘deeply human’ approach to your life and work?

Greater connection.

Greater joy and adventure.

Greater meaning.

We provide two packages of coaching

New Beginnings Coaching

Life coaching for those seeking career change or major life transition. A pathway from uncertainty into pastures new.

You are

  • In early / mid-life
  • A professional with a good life / career so far
  • Ready to create a new chapter.

We will

  • Help you build your confidence and courage to begin again
  • Listen deeply to what you want and what is holding you back
  • Support you in stepping into a new chapter.

The Art of Becoming Coaching

Life coaching for people seeking more inspiration, adventure and creativity to help them live well.

You are

  • Interested in creativity and want to nurture it in yourself
  • Already engaged with a creative project but feel a bit stuck
  • Hungry for a new adventure and ready to step out of your comfort zone.

We will

  • Bring you inspiration and stimulation
  • Invite you to adopt practices to increase your creative flow
  • Help you cultivate a more creative mindset.

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We also offer shorter retreat-style experiences

The Urban Vision Quest
A one-day facilitated adventure

Are you in need of some inspiration and some clues about ‘where next?’

Our ‘Urban Vision Quests’, are inspired by the Native American spiritual tradition of seeking guidance from nature, but are set in city landscapes. We design an experience just for you that you can go on no matter where you live in the world, facilitated by music, instruction, invitation and 1-1 coaching. Guaranteed to get you unstuck & your creative juices flowing.

‘Connect Within’ Retreats
Find deeper connection through nature and creativity

Do you have a full and busy life but still feel something is missing?
Do you love colour and find peace in the outdoors?

These retreats - set in a stunning rural setting just outside London - draw on imagery and the natural world to invite you into deeper connection with yourself.

Delivered in partnership with Sarah Hardman of Boldly-Go.

What our clients say

Life coaching FAQ’s

Life coaching is the ultimate tailored process of working 1-1 with someone to help you achieve your goals. We will champion you, accelerate your success and hold you to account for making progress. Life coaching with Neon is holistic coaching.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with your coach and confident in their ability to help you. You need to feel you can trust them. To book a free session with us, click here.

We will agree the frequency with you. At Neon we propose that you start weekly sessions to gain momentum and then reduce the frequency. Our coaching packages last for a minimum of six months.

Coaches tend to be future-orientated. Therapists are more focussed on helping you process past events. At Neon we do work at depth and may invite you to look back at past experiences but with a focus on the way ahead. However, we are not therapists.

When your life needs a new beginning, think Neon.

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